Caretaking for Parkinson’s is a life we courageously live; finding our way through to a life we love—is what we consciously choose to create.

Changing the World’s Heart: Traveling With Parkinson’s

So, why travel when the patient has to deal with all these obstacles? On the surface, “traveling with Parkinson’s” sounds like a story about the Parkinsons family- but Parkinson’s is also an incurable disease that wreaks havoc on any family who has a loved one […]


Parkinson’s Isolation

People living with chronic and often incurable disease cannot will their condition away. It’s up to those without those challenges to notice, step up, offer, be willing, engage and support those brave enough to come out of isolation and grace our world with their presence. […]


Living Well and Having Parkinson’s

Andy has loved weight lifting for most of his life and Parkinson’s stopped that activity for years, because it was too dangerous. Nowadays, I drive Andy to the gym and he works with a gifted personal trainer who has a deep understanding of Parkinson’s challenges. […]


Risky Behavior

Parkinson’s is both a movement disorder AND a neurological disease and this twofold simultaneous condition creates a set up for risky behavior to occur. Risky behavior and wellness don’t go together.  I don’t know if Parkinson’s disease by itself actually causes a patient to engage […]


Lack of Purpose

Andy’s whispered words carry weight. After Andy gently told some musician friends to “Keep practicing!”  Another friend observed, “Andy says in a two word whisper more than most people say in an hour of talking.” As I age and have plenty of years under my […]


Negative Thinking

We know a spell of negative thoughts can occur in any person’s life, but a tendency towards negative thinking is actually part of the symptom menu that gets triggered with Parkinson’s disease. Looking back, I can identify negative thought patterns in Andy that presented a […]



Andy loved being part of the team. His life was productive and had purpose as long as we found ways to work around his Parkinson’s limitations. We did this by paying close attention and using timing and the tools we had, correctly. Andy’s experience with […]


Swallowing and aspiration in Parkinson’s

For most people, swallowing seems like one of those automatic parts of life, like your heart beating  or breathing. Parkinson’s compromises the automatic part. A patient can have a hard time controlling their saliva in the ways healthy people are able to and instead, a […]


Cognitive Slowness in Parkinson’s

The cognitive danger Andy lives with is not an inability to participate but rather an inability to keep up. In life, we all have our pace of moving, thinking and doing. To get along in the world we match ourselves to other’s paces and rhythms. […]


Lack of Feeling and Numbness in Parkinson’s

Living this way, with a husband who used to express himself fully, wholeheartedly and clearly, is sometimes painful for me. There are days I wish I handled it all better, and one of these recently happened. Some people with Parkinson’s have physical symptoms of numbness […]