Caretaking for Parkinson’s is a life we courageously live; finding our way through to a life we love—is what we consciously choose to create.

Read Books on the Subject

Family caregiving is becoming more and more relevant as medical interventions make living longer lives possible. As our population ages there will be more need for care. The VA has offered to pay family caregivers, in certain instances, because the outcomes are better if the […]


Advocate For the Patient

A friend of mine has a master’s degree in public health. She was waylaid in her career as a university hospital administrator, by a congenital disability. Nevertheless, she has found ways to use her in depth knowledge of medical systems to advocate for some of […]


Seek Counseling

My life, before Andy began living with Parkinson’s, was therapy and counseling free. I had never felt a need to work out difficult aspects of life and my feelings around them with a professional. I had witnessed various forms of counseling and therapy having positive […]


Allowing the Patient to Correct Mistakes

When I let Andy know all the hoops Brendan had jumped through in order to make the betting game work for him, I said, “Brendan loves you but you make it harder for anyone to want to go out of their way for you because […]



In this next series of blogs, I will be addressing some of the aspects that I experience as a caregiver for my husband, who lives with Parkinson’s. I am a “family” caregiver which means I was never intending to be a caregiver at all, and […]


Take Time To Heal

We walked in our finery up a dusty gravel road until a sharp left turn and a few supersized wooden steps landed us in the cathedral of the deep forest. We walked together to the grassy spot that the river had left dry as she […]

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Rest while Traveling with Parkinson’s

The change I’m addressing today is the need a Parkinson’s traveler has for more rest than the average person requires. In my life with Andy, I’ve seen that he is able to experience the fun of travel when he has enough opportunities to rest. The […]


How Do You Know?

Our dog Shine knows a thing or two about reading energy. I think it’s easier because I never expected Shine to talk or wink at me or to help with the dishes. I’ve learned to have a relationship of give and take based on reading […]


Ocean Swimming With Parkinson’s

“Remember the ocean will support you.” I reminded and let go of Andy’s hand. “I’m ready anytime you are.” The first day was magical. We walked into the sea holding hands. Andy wore his life vest and snorkel and I work my bikini and swim […]


Swimming With Parkinson’s

That first day was a little scary and also exciting as we got into the pool together. Andy pushed off into a beautiful breast stroke and I walked beside him as he swam (HE SWAM!!!) one length. Then he swam back to make it a […]