Your Wildest Dreams: A Parkinson’s Love Story

Adult Creative Nonfiction This is the story of the adventurous life embraced by Andy and Michelle Heath. I’ve written a creative nonfiction book that chronicles how the extraordinary life we lived before Parkinson’s, informed, inspired and made possible our successful approach to living with Parkinson’s. […]

intuitive clarity

The Boy and The Crow

Middle Grade, ages 8 to 14 The island is almost another character as the mystery unfolds. Twelve year old Will befriends Tom, the elusive old man who is the camp caretaker, when Will has to spend one entire summer on the island. During one of […]

Sarah Livingston


Early Readers, ages 7 to 10 In 1674, children’s birthdays were not often celebrated, but magic was often afoot. In the midst of her family’s preparations for Queen Elizabeth’s visit to their village, young Anne receives a surprise gift on her natal day. The gift gets […]