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February 1982 Andy finishes the 5th EVER ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaiii at age 37.

Family caregiving is becoming more and more relevant as medical interventions make living longer lives possible.

As our population ages there will be more need for care.

The VA has offered to pay family caregivers, in certain instances, because the outcomes are better if the patient can stay home and be tended to by a loved one. When I recently became my husband’s paid caregiver through the VA, I was required to take an online course in the basics of caregiving.

Years ago, when Andy and I were going to travel to Guatemala to buy a hand built sailboat and sail it across the Gulf of Mexico, we read a lot of books. We read books about navigation and practiced those skills. We read a book about medical safety and prepared not only an emergency life raft but also a comprehensive first aid kit for potential illnesses or injury. We read about traveling in Guatemala and learned some Spanish to help us get by.

When I became pregnant for the first time, I educated myself about the best foods to eat and the habits to let go of for the optimal result of a healthy baby.

When Andy and I were in training to race in the 5th EVER Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, we read many books about how to accomplish such a big physical challenge. We read books about the best training methods for ocean swimming, cycling and running- as well as books about nutrition and psychological mindsets.

We were successful in all these adventures, but without reading and learning, I doubt we would have been.

When a disease shows up it is important to know that correct knowledge can be what allows for a successful life. As a family caregiver, I continue to educate myself about the disease Andy lives with.

The possibilities for great experiences when living with Parkinson’s are endless but not unlimited.

Reading books and learning from other’s experiences, successes and failures, is a main ingredient for a life of wellness while living with a disease.

As human beings, we can only go as far as we can conceive.

Don’t let yourself get sidetracked from a wonderful life because a disease or illness came along and you believed the hype.

Like any worthwhile endeavor, start  by reading about your subject. Immerse yourself in the wealth of human knowledge and experience and become inspired to live your one beautiful life well, in spite of conditions you didn’t ask for.

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