It’s Not Just You

The free flowing remedies for lethargy are not possible in the same way during Covid19.

Lethargy is REAL during our Covid19 pandemic and quarantine.

Before Covid19, when I felt a lack of energy or enthusiasm about something, I could usually identify the cause pretty easily. Perhaps I was overwhelmed with too much scheduled in too short a time. Or maybe what I was procrastinating was an unpleasant chore and I was dragging my heels in getting to it. If I felt over my head, and needed to gain more knowledge about something before proceeding, that might also trip me up and slow me down.

The remedies for these lethargy inducing situations would arise naturally.

When overwhelmed, just letting time pass would eventually bring an energy surge that broke the paralysis. If it was an unpleasant chore causing the problem, time passing also would end up with the guilt of not doing the chore outweighing just immersing into it and getting it done. If I was putting off learning something new, the exact same process of leaving it be for a few days would shift my willingness until there was room in my mind for learning something new.

The free flowing remedies for lethargy are not possible in the same way during Covid19.

When Andy was constantly shaking from head to toe, during his worst years of Parkinson’s symptoms, he was exhausted ALL the time. “This is the most useless aerobic workout ever!” He complained. “I shake and shake and burn calories and there is zero benefit. I don’t get stronger and can’t keep weight on.”

Covid19 is sort of like that.

It is always there, shaking up our lives and realities, but there is zero benefit. It uses up our brain power and energy without producing any positive creative result. It also steals our peace of mind and causes lethargy in many otherwise activated people.

Andy’s intense shaking was quelled with deep brain stimulators implanted into his brain and regulated with electric current from batteries in his chest. He has stopped shaking and is freed from the useless tremors that crippled his ability to move forward and accomplish goals in his life.

What, during our Covid19 lethargy, could be the equivalent of deep brain stimulation and jump start human beings into moving forward and accomplishing goals again?

You can also read this article in my column in my local newspaper the Taos News.

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