“What Makes You Happy?” — How to Grow Happiness

Why is it so hard to be happy from time to time?

Yes, you must have asked yourself many times. Maybe you too have reached the stage like others where that famous “comfort zone” is not enough yet. You strive to make you feel the best you can every day – energetic yet calm – free from fear, anxiety, and depression – managing stress – and appreciate what you have, don’t emphasize what you don’t have. It is a condition for happiness.

A successful female blogger, Michelle, said happiness is made up of several small moments of joy. The more you experience joyful feelings, the happier you are. In my experience, it takes effort and desire to create a happy life. Half the battle is won if you are determined to be happy. I say this because I have seen people who are happily overcome and do not know about it.

You can create your grief by being careless and giving up easily in your daily life. Yes, you can elevate yourself by creating positive experiences so that you can feel positive feelings. If you pay attention, you enjoy a lot of things. All you have to do is discover those magical moments.

To Be Happy and Think about How to be Happy

Life is too short to sit around and naively wait for that right moment. Thinking that cheerfulness is just about to fall from the sky, money, opportunity, or some extraordinary individuals. And by embracing that moment, we will achieve this power: “Start being happy!” Happiness is an extremely deep, long journey, and it is more gratifying. Being happy is a daily decision, and like any other practice, you have to achieve it internally, which requires steady commitment.

So, be ready to step outside your comfort zone, leave the old routine and negative feelings behind, and ultimately start making those simple alter that enable you to be cheerful person day-to-day.

That is, stop searching for happiness and start living happily.

You can begin by making some little changes such as:

  • Relax.
  • Forgive those who hurt you.
  • Get peace of mind first.
  • Redefine your standards.
  • Always smile more.
  • Be grateful.
  • Do not stress yourself.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

When we are around positive, grateful, enthusiastic people, we gain their special energy. And the benefit of that makes the day spent with them more pleasing, more satisfying and more productive. The happiness of the people depends largely on the joy of the people with whom they are connected.

Live in the Moment

One of the most significant factors for finding delight today is focusing on the present, embracing the moments surrounding us, and being conscious of every feeling we experience. The past is gone; now we have no control over yesterday, let alone tomorrow. What we have is ‘present,’ and we have to learn to live it.

Today you are fit, calm, today you are drinking that hot coffee, and enjoying delicious food, today you are all set, today the sun is shining, today you can breathe, today you have a companion to hang out with, the boss encourages you, it is today. Ask yourself, “Will I still have all this after today?” We cannot answer this, but of course, by memorizing the past life or thinking about the upcoming days, we lose the life that we ​​have today, which is probably the life that has the power to make us blissful, but we are not able to feel it.

Get Exercise

This factor is essential for our happy life, and every successful blogger can refer to it in his or her ‘blogs on being happy’. By exercising and physically active throughout the day, changes your day. If you feel fatigued, you will feel more vigorous, and if you are anxious, you will feel less stressed; if you are not like your body, you will like it more.

Even if you have insomnia, you will be able to relax and get some good sleep. These things tend to be more attractive and more focused, being in a better mood.

You will feel stronger, more vibrant, healthier, happy, and more powerful because you will succeed in doing something you thought you would not be able to do. This is a step in the right direction. Try it; it will become a part of your life to make you happy.

Don’t be Jealous

Jealousy and envy are unhealthy feelings. Stop being envious of someone’s skills or assets. Instead, try how you can attain those goals. If not, set other targets for yourself and move forward. Jealousy is destructive. This not only makes you angry, but it also drains your energy and reduces the better part of you. It hinders your functioning and thinking more clearly and objectively! Beware your toxic feelings, learn yoga, meditation, exercise, reading, and talking to friends. If you are often envious of the achievement of others, try therapy.

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